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it's more than dance ... it's a sisterhood

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What is Q•kidz?

Q-Kidz is a documentary film that is currently in production and will be through 2020.


Q-Kidz captures the intimate and touching story of a highly competitive dance team that acts as a safe-haven for young girls and their families. As they struggle against poverty and systemic racism to create better lives for themselves, the owner struggles to keep the studio open in the increasingly gentrifying neighborhood. Through it all the love and the support of the community they’ve created provides the hope needed to persevere.

Story Summary

The West End neighborhood of Cincinnati has been plagued by years of neglect, poverty and a lack of quality education. The area has one of the highest rates of high school dropouts, crime and homicide in the city. Working against these statistics for more than 30 years Marquicia "Quicy" Jones has operated Q-Kidz, a celebrated majorette dance team in the heart of the neighborhood, to provide better lives for children and ultimately their whole families. 


These girls dream big, especially when it comes to dance. This isn’t just a fun after school project for them, but instead, it’s a lifestyle that has them practicing and perfecting routines, day in and day out.  However, at the Q-Kidz studio young girls are taught more than dance. Believing in oneself is a pillar of the organization. For Quicy your grades in school are a more important factor for keeping your place on the team than paying your monthly dues. A long list of high school and college graduates will testify that for them, Q-Kidz was the anchor that made their success possible. The impact doesn't stop with the children. Parents of dancers have formed a community that acts as a safe-haven from the heavy stresses of life. While they experience the every day challenges we all face, some have experienced homelessness, poverty and displacement, and have found hope and a home in this community.


Now it could all be lost. An ever-growing bill for past due rent looms over the team. Quicy and her family have already spent their life savings on the team and many of the parents struggle themselves to pay the $50 a month dues. The problem is made even more pressing due to rapid gentrification brought on by the building of a major league sports stadium just blocks away in the historically economically challenged neighborhood. Suddenly developers are seeing dollar signs in storefronts like Q-Kidz studio. They've now received an eviction letter and have only weeks to come up with $60,000. Can all of those involved come together as a community and beat the odds the way they’ve beaten so many others? Or will they lose the space they worked so hard for?


As the dance team battles this Goliath, the families fight their own giants. The life experiences and perspectives of the young girls will be prominently featured. We’ll intimately follow 4-8 girls, and their families, who are part of the team. Each girl has their own unique obstacles standing in the way; from aspiring to dance for an exclusive HBCU, to incarcerated parents and single parent homes, to trying to navigate how their choices affect their future.  Their grit and determination through these challenges is inspiring and mirrors what they’re learning through Q-Kidz.


While each external conflict plays out, Q-Kidz remains a highly competitive dance team whose passion manifests itself in regularly taking first place in contests around the country. The hard work and dedication of the team is a metaphor for how hard they fight through life. Can they overcome themselves and become the best team in the country?


Q-Kidz is a story of community, family, love and coming together in the face of insurmountable odds to provide a better life.