Chris Ashwell  - producer, director, cinematographer, editor
Q-Kidz - 2021
The Lion’s Den - 2019  (producer, director, DOP, editor)
Antonio - 2018 Emmy winning short film (producer, director, DOP, editor)
Walnut Hills - 2017 Emmy winning short film (producer, director, DOP, editor)

Chris Ashwell is a 9 time Emmy winning short film producer and director currently working on this, his first feature. As co-founder and creative director of the non-profit Cincy Stories, Chris has taken his passion for visual journalism and documentary and used it as a tool to help build community in his city. With Q-Kidz, Chris hopes to continue that trend on a much larger platform, sharing an under represented story from his hometown with hopefully the entire world.

Shawn Braley  - writer, producer, director of marketing and distribution
Q-Kidz - 2021
The Lion’s Den - 2019 (producer, writer)
Antonio - 2018 Emmy winning short film (producer, writer)
Conversations with Humans - NPR radio program (host, producer, writer, editor)

Shawn Braley is a short documentary producer and writer, as well as the host and producer for two programs on NPR: Cincy Stories and Conversations with Humans. Through his work, he aims to build bridges of empathy and understanding across the boundaries that divide us. He has been honored as a two time Emmy winner for his short films.

Q-Kidz is being produced by the team at Cincy Stories. Cincy Stories is a non-profit with the mission of building community through story. Stories allow for walls to come down and empathy and understanding to be built in their place. Stories are the key to relationships and relationships are the key to community. With personal story, Cincy Stories hopes to build a deep community of listening, understanding and empathy. Whether through our monthly live storytelling events, short documentary videos, or now feature length documentaries we know that stories do sacred things and simply want to take part in the hearing and telling of our collective stories.

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